Slide Come learn the common mistakes homebuyers make and how YOU can avoid them.

“You Are The Creator of Your Own Success.”


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This guide contains numerous sources on FREE credit repair and credit repair specialists, down-payment and closing cost assistance programs, lower-income and lower credit assistance programs, debt and budget counseling programs.

Many people are unaware that verified incomes such as child support, disability, pensions, alimony and rental may be used to qualify for a home loan.

Countless people don’t know that section 8 recipients may use their vouchers as verified income to qualify for a mortgage.

Homeownership may be possible for high student loan borrowers.

Military members may achieve homeownership while on deployment with appropriate documents.

While reading this guide, one might learn how to pay their mortgage off 5-6 years early.


Hi, my name is Tia.

As a realtor, homeownership is one of the most significant investments one can make in their lifetime since homes are an appreciating asset. Seeing the demand of so many people from all different backgrounds wanting to pursue homeownership, not knowing where to start, I developed this guide. Tia’s Guide To Homeownership will help potential homebuyers understand and evaluate their readiness for this journey. I’ll start with what a buyer needs to do to get themselves homebuying ready, different mortgage loans available, how to choose the right realtor, and find the perfect home. I will also discuss inspections, appraisals, the underwriting process, all the way to what they can do as a homeowner after closing to protect and maintain their new investment.
Furthermore, I will explain how a homeowner can use their new home to make additional streams of income. There should be little to no questions after reading my guide, as this is a one-stop-shop guide. Overall, my goal is to have the future homeowner knowledgeable, comfortable, prepared, and excited for homeownership before their first conversation with a lender or realtor.