August 20, 20210


A prospective owner may want an easement appraisal done. An easement gives legal access to a person to use another’s person’s land or parcel. Typically, easements don’t change when a property with one is sold. Future owners are obligated to let the person with the easement access to their land. There are different types of easements. A utility easement will allow a utility worker to come on one’s property to do utility work for the town or city. A property owner can sell a private easement to someone giving them access to the land. (((**Example: I have two acres of land and provide a private easement for a farmer to use my land to grow crops.))) These types of easements and many others may be a deal-breaker for some homeowners. A buyer may want to check their interested property’s deed, property’s record online, or otherwise to ensure no easements are attached to the property before deciding. A buyer is not required to do a property survey, but it’s worth mentioning. When a title company does a mandatory title search before closing to give the Certificate of Title (evidence of ownership), they may be able to see any easements, overdue taxes, construction liens, etc., on the property. Still, by that time, effort, emotions, money, and time may have been invested in the home. More importantly, these issues may become the new owner’s problems. This is the buyer’s investment, their future home, and the decisions made will affect them solely. Some may agree that due diligence is critical in the home buying process. 

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